About Us

We serve our customers and protect lives by securing structures and components with integrity and ingenuity.

Firm Profile

Fortress Structural Engineering (Fortress) is a firm which specializes in the design and analysis of bracing non-structural components on commercial and infrastructure facilities. Working with owners, architects and engineers, Fortress provides supplemental expertise to provide all parties peace of mind.  Working with contractors in a pre-bid or post-bid process, Fortress understands the financial and timing demands of the construction environment and works with the contractor to produce field-friendly, code-compliant designs and solutions. 

We strive to exceed our customers' expectations at every opportunity.  Our expertise stands on its own merit in any environment.  We are proud to be a minority-owned business, and have certifications pending with various jurisdictions which will be listed on this page as soon as they are obtained.

Our Values

Integrity & Ingenuity.

With decades of experience working with contractors to meet their needs, the staff of Fortress has an understanding of the construction process. This understanding has taught us the responsiveness needed to be an asset to our customers. Working in this fast-paced and ever-demanding world of construction, Fortress is a firm focused on providing timely and efficient designs to contractors. Fortress is intensely focused on actively listening to, working with, and integrating the contractor into the design process as much as possible. Integrity is a foundational principle of Fortress Structural Engineering - in our designs, in our communication and in our relationships, with both our employees and customers. Furthermore, our firm is based on ingenuity. Our designs and our thought process are continuously progressive and imaginative. Our management fosters an atmosphere where ideas and feedback are encouraged and welcomed. Ingenuity in our designs and ingenuity in our operation maximizes our performance for our customers and the effectiveness of our company.